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This is a story of one of our most interesting sales of note. The photo in our gallery of the gold brooch with pearls. A client called us for an appraisal and stated: “I have a very old brooch that was handed down to me I think it is gold but it has no gold Hallmark can you help with its value.” After testing it we concluded it was 18 karat gold and with the type of inscription it was most certainly from the 1800s, Also the rare Tiny Seed pearls in perfect condition and matching each side. We noted this was a one-of-a-kind piece. We then appraised the brooch for $1,800. But wait this story gets better. Inscriptions date is on the brooch really haunted us. “A H R July 29th, 1861 to February 14th, 1884”. After weeks of research with our staff.! Bingo! We found and proved that the brooch belonged to President Theodore Roosevelt’s first wife, who died at a very young age of 22 in childbirth from Bright's disease. A H R = Alice Hathaway Roosevelt. Dates match birth and death. The brooch was then given by the president to his daughter Alice. and worn in many news photo events. We placed our client's brooch at a well-known East Coast auction house and the revealed price was in the five figures.

Client: “It was better than good. I would never have known (if it wasn’t for Paul & Saul) that I owned a piece of History and now I can finally go on that long-awaited trip to Europe.”    Bridget  O,  Sun City



"Thank you, Paul and Saul sales. It was nice dealing with somebody in my age group they really know their stuff I am not computer savvy. They had this thing they call and iPads they pulled up stuff on many different items, wow many of my things were on it. Things I was ready to donate weird things that sold for high dollars. I have to get me one of those iPadsader’s attention, especially in short paragraphs."

     Fred G,      Phoenix, AZ

"Paul and Saul were very fast and honest in helping us sell our belongings, so we could sell our house. My goodness, we did not realize what our parents and grandparents handed down to us was so valued in today's Marketplace. Paul was amazing in that he would not buy or sell some of my mother's hand-me-downs. You should hold on to these they will only get more valuable and they are just too nice to get rid of thank you."

    Mary H,      Sun City, AZ

"Downsizing to an assisted living, we could not believe the collection of things we acquired through the years Paul and Saul pointed out to us that some of our collection that we thought was junk we had ready for a garage sale they were very collectible and quite valuable."

   Alan P,   Sun City, AZ

"Paul and Saul help me get through a difficult time after the passing of my mom. Being from out of state with no time to have an estate sale, not only did they give me a great price on the buyout of my mom's items they help me facilitate the sale of the house."

    Susan Kay B,    Phoenix, AZ

"My wife and I were amazed at the experience from the team of Paul and Saul there knowledge of our things from the 50s and 60s. We were very surprised at their value.

Thank you guys for your help"

     Steven K,    Surprise, AZ


No one in our industry can do what we do. Don't be fooled by companies that do not have any sales experience, don't know what they are selling and do not research your valuable items. Anyone can sell items for 10 cents on the dollar it takes a pro to get the right price.

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